The Kiev programmer with the nickname Max Frye has long been writing various scripts that improve the work of Facebook. But he used to do it exclusively for personal use. Now he had the good idea to share his experience with other people. To do this, he created an extension for his browser based on his scripts and placed it for free download in the Chrome Web Store catalog.

Here is a short list of tasks that the extension can do to customize the news feed:

  • Hide advertising publications, posts with videos, publications with marked friends, suggestions for friendship.
  • Hide records that have less than a specified number of likes.
  • Hide publications containing the words you specified.
  • Show only the posts of selected friends.

No less useful are the functions associated with SMM-activity. It is here that the magic buttons are hidden, allowing one click to cancel all invitations to friends, unsubscribe from low-activity accounts and bots, and also leave all public groups.

The developer plans to add other useful features and also to release a version for the browser Opera.

Фейсбук: hide ads, by stop-words, smm tools
Фейсбук: hide ads, by stop-words, smm tools