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This is the keyword or phrase which is being used by internet users to look for an update for the plugins that Firefox is unable to recognize. It is about finding an update for the unrecognized plugins, It is how Internet users to find a latest current version of plugin with search engine.

Why firefox could not provide the link of home page of the plugin?

At this point time, Firefox is not able to manage the huge list of plugins, as number of plugins in firefox repository is growing daily.  Firefox has a plugin check page which is responsible for finding the plugins and updates. With that page, they themselves can find on their side, how many of the plugins are mentioned as unrecognized,  The internet users should use the search engine untill Firefox finds a solution to handle this situation.

To show you an example,


When the internet user clicks on the option “Check to see if your plugins are up to date”,  you will be redirected to a Firefox plugin check page:

This page will take care of finding the the new version of a plugin.  Some cases, Firefox is unable to recognize the plugin itself.  This has to be researched on the search engine.


If Firefox is able to recognize the plugin, it will be listed as “Up to date” or “Update now” with a warning symbol. In the screenshot, few plugins are listed as “Unknown plugin” and a Research button with a question mark symbol.  When you click on the Research button of  Yahoo! activeX plug-in Bridge, it is redirecting us to search engine google with a query string, “current version plugin” with the plugin name, For example,!%20activeX%20Plug-in%20Bridge

When you mouse over on the Research button, you can see the above mentioned Google search query sting as well,


Why You Should Keep Your Plugins Updated with Current Version Plugins

The following are the five important reasons to keep every aspect of your plugins up to date:

  • Enhance Security
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Compatibility

Each of these is important for different reasons, but it can be argued that security is the most important of all.

Current version plugins Will Enhance Security

Security vulnerabilities are found and handled as fast as possible. This applies to firefox plugins. The fact that Firefox  is open source which helps to find any problem, Community can easily identify the root cause and warn the community people.

When a vulnerability is found in a plugin, it has to be quickly fixed, and release the update version.It is always recommended to keep your plugins to current latest version.

Current Version Plugins Will Perform Better

Current version plugins are not only fixing security vulenerabilities,  They will also make your firefox perform well without any issue.

Current Version Plugins  has to be updated to improve overall user performance,  speed up your firefox.

Current Version Plugins Will Eliminate Bugs

Apart from Security Vulnerabilities,  Current Version Plugins will have the latest bug fixes. Those bugs will be either find by internal unit testing or firefox users will file a bug or just by sending report when a firefox crahses.

Usually, Major development releases is to be very stable and without any bugs.  All major releases will go through various development life cycle and different types testing. But it is always bound to miss out bugs, which will be later fixed by minor releases.

It is always recommended to even update a minor release.

Current Version Plugins Will Enhance Compatibility

After a major firefox release, most of the plugins need to be updated to enhance compatibility with the new version, or to utilize all new features.

Current Version Plugins will have New Features

You can access latest new set of features with Current Version Plugins.


Updating to Current Version Plugins is an important activity to improve the stability of firefox. It will make sure that firefox works as efficiently as possible and It will have all bug fixes and security patches.  It is really important method to enhance security.

In this post I have explained why it is very important keep updated with Current Version Plugins.

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Current Version Plugins of Firefox - Firefox Resource Site
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Current Version Plugins of Firefox - Firefox Resource Site
Current version plugins is the keyword which is being used by internet users to look for an update for the plugins that Firefox is unable to recognize.

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